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  • iBS: iPad Bible Study tool for FREE
  • Three re-sizable panels to make your study much easier
  • Easy but Strong Search bible tool
  • A library in your hands

Getting started with iBS ?

 Download iBS from App Store though this link : 

If you want to add new modules,  follow this link: How to add new modules to iBS?

Get Modules

downloadsiBS comes with many modules of Bibles , Commentaries , Dictionaries and Books and all are free.

Go To: Download Modules

Need Help?

Need help,or want to help others?
To post new questions, answer others questions or review answers : You can use iBS Forum or visit iBS FAQ.
Still can't find the answer , Please Contact Us.

iBS Features

  • panels layouts

    Easy adding new modules

    Install new modules through iTunes , as direct download or as email attachment (.twm or zipped)

  • panels layouts

    Many panels layouts

    User can choose from many panels layouts

  • Customizable panels

    Customizable Panels

    Each panel could have tabs for Bible , Dictionary , Commentary ,Book , Notes and Search result