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Change Logs

Category: Uncategorised Published: Monday, 30 June 2014

(1 Apr  2015) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 3.6.0

New Features:
  •  Note Editor : Add Image to note (iOS 8+).
  •  Note Editor : Pan over Bible Verse Ref to See Verse.
  •  Enable/Disable Pinch to Zoom (From Settings ->General).
  •  Improve search speed.
  •  Improve Note Editor.




(8 Dec  2014) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 3.5.1

Bug Fixes:
  •  iPad Air download crash issue.
  •  Strong's Numbers Search issue.
  •  Popover doesn't show the last chapter verse.
  •  Remove "Powered by..." from Copy/Paste.
  •  Improve RTF support.



(25 Nov  2014) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 3.5.0

New Features:
  •  Share / Print.
  •  Bible Headers.
  •  Fast navigation through Bible Headers list.
  •  Fast navigation by typing the topic or the bible reference.
  •  Bible compare in row or columns.
  •  Bible text view in two columns.
  •  Popover for comparing a single verse.
  • Add Spanish localization-(thanks go to Pastor:Osmar Vinales)
  • Add Brazil localization-(thanks go to Bro: Rubio Terra).
  • iOS 8 support
  • Search for Strong's numbers.
  • Books list view.
  • Download Manager.
  • App Look and Feel.
  • More fonts added.
  • More backgrounds added.
  • Improve design to be more simple and user friendly.
  • Bug fixes

(2 Jan 2014) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 3.0.1

Bug Fixes:
  • Open App General Settings crashs iBS in some cases
  • Last chapter of .ot or .nt bible file is missing.

(21 December 2013) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 3.0.0

New Features:
  • Support for iOS7
  • Additional Panel is added.
  • User can choose from many panels layouts.
  • Double tap on any panel to toggle full screen mode
  • Add Arabic localization
  • Improve panel resizing by adding a resize handle(3 dots)
  • Show Bible verse bookmark indicator over verse number
  • Tap a verse number to do more functions
  • All panel settings in open place
  • Improve design to be more simple and user friendly.
  • Bug fixes

 ( 15 Aug 2013 ) iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 2.1.0

  • Improve Bible search performance
  • Add a hint for the encrypted modules so user can know.
  • Improve Bible references detection
  • Many Bug fixes

( 15 July 2013 )  iBible-Study HD (iBS) Version 2.0.0

New Features:
  •   Books & Graphics
  •   Parallel Bibles
  •   Personal Notes
  •   Verses Highlight
  •   Popover for Strong’s number and morph
  •   Set defaults for the Popover from within the popover
  •   Favorite Bibles / Dictionaries / Commentaries / Books
  •   App Settings inside the App
  •   Add a bible translation notes switch
  •   Add action menu by tapping verse number
  •   Bible Navigation
  •   Colorful Tabs with Icons
  •   Verses Popover
  •   Add an option to control auto tabs switching
  •   Add an option to control auto commentary selection
  •   Change iBS Icon and start screen

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
I would like to thank you all who encouraged me a lot by your comments and feedback.
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( 2 Apr 2013 )  iBible-Study HD Version 1.2.1

New Features:
  • Add a text field to write the verse references in verse selection popover
  • Add buttons to define the search scope for New Testament / Old Testament/ Current book
  • Improve Inline Verses
  • Add more language support for the Bible book names (Settings App)
Bug fixes:
  • Some Greek/Hebrew text not displaying properly
  • Issue while installing zip modules
  • Dictionary words not appearing with partial matches
  • Change default Bible paragraphs
  • Prevent iClould Backup
  • Other minor issues

( 22 Feb 2013)  iBible-Study HD Version 1.1.0

New Features:
  • New Tabs design at the top of the panels
  • Now you can select the text font from 7 different fonts (App Settings)
  • New modules can be installed (.twm or zipped) as direct download or as email attachment
  • Add the support for the compressed modules
  • Change Select Verse popover to a tabular interface (you can return to the Verse Picker from App Settings)
  • Add Inline verse functionality in Commentaries and dictionaries
  • Add Cancel button to enable cancelling the search operation
  • Support user cross references. Just add it as a normal module to the document folder or open it as email attachment
  • change bundled bible to UKJV
Bug fixes:
  • Wrong Bible name for ASCII none english Bibles
  • Download fails when app goes to inactive state
  • Hebrew and Greek text sometimes do not appear correctly
  • Improve search speed
  • Other Minor issues

( 2 Feb 2013 ) iBible-Study HD Version 1.0.0

  •  Study the Bible anywhere (Offline: Your Bibles and books are in your device).
  •  Two re-sizable panels to make your study much easier.
  •  Customizable panels: Each panel could have tabs for Bible , Dictionary , Commentary and Search result.
  •  Search for words and phrases.
  •  Popover for cross references and bible references.
  •  Pinch to zoom in/out
  •  One tap to search for the verse’s words in the dictionaries.
  •  Keep track of Bookmarks and History
  •  Full screen mode.
  •  Download manager for Bibles , Dictionaries and Commentaries.
  •  Support file sharing. Install new modules through iTunes.
  •  And It’s Free. No ads, no hidden fees.
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